Why We Built Eazitron, A BS-Free Solution for Small Businesses

Eazitron — simple business management software suite for small businesses

Eazitron is a simple business management software suite for small businesses. The suite is composed of eight softwares, covering core business operations: invoicing, inventory management, project management, cash flow analysis, human resources management, time management and personal information management.

Me and my co-maker Bernard decided to build Eazitron after noticing how complex business management softwares were and how much you had to pay to get them. Eazitron softwares are BS-free, affordable and comprehensive. I really think that small businesses owners are better served when they they don’t have to overthink their investment and to read long user guides before being able to use the software.

We made Eazitron available for Windows users and Mac users equipped with Filemaker — for compatibility reasons. However, if we receive enough demand for this version, we will consider building this version, in order to serve and help a maximum of small businesses!

I love to create simple things. Maker from Luxembourg.